A wall to suit your space

Triple A build retaining solutions for new residential estates, commercial civil construction sites and residential homes We source the highest quality reinforced retaining wall sleepers that come in a variety of sizes and styles to match any property, scale or space. We can help you design a retaining wall that has the look and feel to match your style, with durability and strength fit for purpose. We help you design a retaining wall solution to suit your property. Triple A retaining wall solutions create:

Length and scale

Perimeters and boundaries that have impact

Strength and Stability

Support uneven or steep hillside land

Make the unusable usable!

Transform spaces in your back yard:
  • Carve out functional or multi-level entertainment areas
  • Support in-ground and above-ground pools
  • Raised garden beds – no need to bend over – bring the garden up to your height!
  • Build a dedicated veggie garden area
  • Landscape design with a unique flare
Use retaining wall sleepers to create:
  • Solid feature stepping stones embedded into the ground Garden paths, steps and edging that will limit movement

Structure and Depth

Turn those difficult-to-landscape blocks into layered and interesting dimensions

tickNew residential estates

tickCommercial civil construction

tickResidential home yards

Styles to suit your design

Triple A build with retaining wall sleepers that come in an array of looks and styles. Whether you want a wall that makes a statement or one that blends in to the background, we have the right style for you. We build with two retaining wall sleeper ranges: reinforced concrete sleepers or timber sleepers. Reinforced concrete sleeper range Choose from:


Lizard Brown

Lizard Brown





Colour to withstand the weather! We source only the best quality concrete sleepers. Not just a painted surface; colour is mixed through the concrete mix during the manufacturing process. Small jobs or big jobs. No problems! We have the right materials to meet your needs. Our sleepers range from gardening sleepers up to extra heavy duty structural sleepers.

Great for

Gardening Sleepers

1800mm (L) x 205mm (H) x 65mm (W) 55kgs

tick1Small Retaining Walls tick1Garden Beds tick1Feature Stepping Stones tick1Garden Paths

Structural Sleepers

1800mm (L) x 205mm (H) x 80mm (W) 60kgs

tick1Retaining Walls (1 to 1.4 metres high)

Heavy Duty Structural Sleepers

1800mm (L) x 205mm (H) x 80mm (W) 65kgs

tick1Retaining Walls (up to 2.4 metres high)

Extra Heavy Duty Structural Sleepers

1800mm (L) x 205mm (H) x 100mm (W) 80kgs

tick1Retaining Walls (2.4 metres and higher)
*Figures are approximate values

Our walls are built to last!


I Beam

All sleepers are reinforced to engineered specifications for any height. All walls are built with secure interlocking “I” beam galvanised steel posts. Concrete sleepers = the cost-effective no worries option Reinforced concrete sleepers give you piece of mind with long-lasting durability and strength. Timber sleepers are susceptible to termite infestations – seriously shortening the life-span of the wood; weakening the strength support system of a retaining wall. Over time, timber sleepers need replacing; Queensland’s tropical weather conditions mean wet rot and dry rot can develop quickly in a wall – rapidly breaking down the wood, so it becomes brittle and unsafe. Invest in a wall you can rely on! Concrete retaining walls go the distance with you
  • 40 mpa concrete with a 30 year sleeper warranty
  • Reinforced with galvanized steel posts
  • Low maintenance, long-term solution
  • Fire, termite and rot resistant!
Timber sleeper range For a soft, heritage finish Our timber retaining walls add a warm appeal to colonial homes.
  • Cheaper option to concrete sleepers
  • Our timber retaining walls are coated with termite-resistant copper chromite arsenate (CCA) to provide the best protection against termites.

We build the fence too!

IMG_1690Design your dream home.  Our retaining walls and fencing solutions combine style and stability for the perfect new home finish.
  • New residential estates
  • Commercial civil construction sites
  • Replacing old tired fences when replacing aging retaining walls
  • Solve those hard-to-plan neighbor boundaries
We build fences using CCA treated timber or Colourbond fencing panels. All fixings are galvanised steel with optional galvanised steel posts for timber fences.

Choose your fence design

Gap or no-gap - Complete privacy or see-through fencing

Overlapping - Add texture and depth

Good neighbor fencing - Paling both sides

Plus! We can design a fence to any style or design you want