Examples of Civil Projects

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Residential Projects

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Tips during the construction process

Its safety first when Team Triple A come get to work! We take care to make sure our work sites are safe and harm-free by marking out the site with hazard tape. We maintain clean and tidy work sites. Each site has a dedicated skip bin (when needed) to ensure rubbish is removed and out of the way. We remove any tools, equipment and materials (when possible) after each work day.* Safety is everyone’s responsibility on site, so here are some tips for when we come to work at your property
  • Ensure family members, especially children, don’t have access to the site – building retaining walls and fences requires digging and the use of dangerous chemicals and heavy machinery
  • Ensure your pets are safely indoors away from the noise, dust and machinery (this includes pet food, water and beds)
  • Ensure your neighbours are aware of what’s going on – not only does construction mean the use of heavy, loud machinery for earthworks, but there will be also additional vehicles coming and going on your street with trucks delivering bulk heavy sleepers, steel posts and other bulk building materials.
*If any tools, equipment or materials need to remain on site during construction – we will make you aware of this.